Environmental Health

Pediatric Societies’ Declaration on Responding to the Impact of Climate Change on Children

These pediatric societies represent more than 1 million pediatricians around the world.

Letter to US EPA administrator Michael S. Regan defining the AAP Priorities for Addressing Climate Change to Improve Child Health.

Carbon Monoxide’s Impact on Indoor Air Quality

JAMA News article may be of interest: Medical Community Gathers Steam to Tackle Climate’s Health Effects

As many of you may know, the AAP passed a resolution at the Annual Leadership Forum to encourage pediatricians to educate their families on mitigation and adaptation strategies and work to provide sustainable practices (by example) in the office and hospital settings.  COEH will work on providing these tools to pediatricians through the Climate Change Toolkit.  In meantime, this is discussed in a recent JAMA News article that may be of interest to you.  Several of our AAP members are mentioned.